In addition to the development and configuration, you need to have a purchased domain and hosting to host your site, prepared content that you want to place on its pages, logo and site icon, selected fonts and colors, and prototype design.

The domain costs on average from 10€ per year.
Quality hosting can cost from 10 to 100 € per month, depending on the complexity of your project and the level of planned load on the servers.

Developing an exclusive design with advanced analysis can cost from 3000€. Adaptation of modern template design to the specific needs of your company – from 300€.

A full-fledged corporate brand book with instructions and examples of use, which you can use for years for all future projects of the company costs from 7000€.
Logo and Icon design – from 750€.

You can prepare images and texts for the site on your own, because you know better than anyone the specifics of your work and can prepare real live photos.
Otherwise, analyzing and writing high-quality unique SEO texts costs an average of 120€ per 1,000 words. Content selection ~ 35€ per hour of work.

By the way, after the publication, your site is just another new page on the Internet – but it is the face of your company in the digital world.

In order for other people to see your site, you need quality site optimization for search networks, paid advertising campaigns on search and social networks, anonymous analysis of your users’ behavior to understand whether your site works the way you want.