Every CMS site we develop always includes:
• setting up and preparing the domain and hosting;
• SSL security certificate configuration;
• CDN, basic image optimization and cache;
• improved security settings;
• SEO settings (Schema.org Markup and OpenGraph Meta Data generation);
• creating and setting up a contact form,
• configure SMTP email validation for your site;
• use of best practices and the latest adapted versions of technologies (HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, MySql, Litespeed, WP6 + etc.)
• adherence to a single site style;
• perfect pixel-sensitive layout for mobile and desktop screens;
• development and publication of your site.

In our Elbhost team opinion, these are global standards that should be included in every new site created in 2022.

Of course, we do much more for our advanced collaboration plans, and custom functionality of solutions are discussed individually.